Technical capabilities that can satisfy any and all needs

In industrial furnaces, for which our burners are mainly utilized, the burner performance is infinite in variety according to their uses and target materials. To accommodate ourselves to such diversified needs of our customers in various cases, we offer our customers a suggestion about the burner that is best suited to their needs, and accordingly manufacture a made-to-order burner for them. All the products introduced in our product brochures are our original products we have developed in response to the needs of our customers. Such flexible readiness and offering capability are the greatest advantages of our company derived from our predecessor who was not a mere manufacturer but a manufacturer specialized in machine processing. Today, toward the establishment of carbon-neutral technology, we are now tackling with the development of a new burner that does not emit CO2 by combusting hydrogen and ammonia. This is a totally new challenge for us to a new field though, in order to protect the global environment in which we live, we are earnestly expediting our research and development aiming at the productization at an early date.