World-class「」brand we take pride in

Yokoi Kikai Kosakusho was founded in March 1946 as a manufacturer covering the whole range of machine processing. The turning point arrived several years later when we received an order for manufacturing an oil burner from a customer. At that time, industrial burners themselves had not yet been widely used. We started to reproduce an oil burner made by other manufacturer by carefully analyzing and studying it. And, after many trials and errors, we succeeded in productization at last. After then, we embarked on manufacturing burners as a specialized burner manufacturer, and launched the HOPE brand meaning wish or desire. As the brand is named, the HOPE brand has established a firm footing in the industry as our hope. It has developed to such an extent that we can take pride in its worldwide name recognition not only domestically but also internationally in Asian countries, such as China and Indonesia, and European countries and the United States, from which we enjoy many inquiries for our products. In the future as well, we will go on toward our 100th anniversary and after then without breaking pace.