[HVM] Low-Pressure Venturi Gas Mixer



This mixer taker fuel gas in proportion to the low-pressure air and supplies the perfectly mixed gas to the burner. You can use this burner connecting single or multiple tunnel gas burners, etc.

Specifications / Shape dimension


Standard Pressure Gas:2.8kPa
Accessories Zero governor
Butterfly Damper
Gas valve
Pressure Gauge
Type Capacity
kW (×1,000kcal/h)
Air Gas Mixed Gas
HVM-1 L 56(48) Rc 1 1/2 Rc 3/4 Rc 1 1/2
H 72(62)
HVM-2 L 100(86) Rc 2 Rc 1 Rc 2
H 130(112)
HVM-3 L 200(172) Rc 3 Rc 1 1/4 Rc 3
H 276(238)
HVM-4 L 374(322) Rc 4 Rc 1 1/2 Rc 4
H 517(445)


Type A B C D Mass(kg) Air nozzle Size(mm2
HVM-1 L 402 250 186 149 7 123
H 154
HVM-2 L 479 299 236 171 12 214
H 254
HVM-3 L 648 321 338 230 24 452
H 616
HVM-4 L 811 333 432 254 39 908
H 1,104

Download of DXF data

※ Download procedure

  1. Put the cursor on the model designation of the outline drawing you want to download, and click the right button of the mouse.
  2. Select “Save Target As (A)” on the menu.
  3. Select a location to save, and click “Save.”
    ※ Some security software does not permit downloading. If that happens, set the securities to “OFF” before downloading.

Piping procedure

  1. Be sure to use pipes of the same diameter for air and gas supplies.
  2. If there is no space available for the straight connection of the mixer, the pipe may be bent at 90° via elbow or the like at the square flange unit.
  3. The ratio regulator valve and the gas inlet may be interchanged right and left. When the ratio regulator valve is removed, however, be sure to change the O-ring of the mixer body.
  4. When gas and air supplies are branched from the main line to the pilot burner. Be sure to branch them immediately before the gas and air control valves and attach a gas pool to the pilot gas line. The gas pool is particularly required for large-capacity burners.