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We inaugurated the personal business since March 1946, as the Yokoi Machine Works.
At first stage, we had been playing as a subcontractor in machine works for Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd., CHUBU Electric Power Co., Inc., and Meidensha Corporation. However, with the fuel revolution around 1950, we recognized the potential importance of the burning appliances for the liquid fuel and developed a low pressure air atomizing oil burner first.
While corresponding to the expansion of the industrial structure in the next stage, we continued to develop various innovative products.
Now we have a wide range of business clients in the fields of automobile industry, metal-working industry, or the pollution prevention.
In the recent years, discussing global environment problems, we address the new earth-friendly technology with the achievement of the energy saving by the development of Regenerative Burners with substantial reduction of CO2 emission and the low excess air combustion by the air fuel ratio control with a microcomputer
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